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Activate the Pointer to automatically highlight the entire row and column of cells in your selection. 

Click "Pointer" on the ribbon to activate it. Once activated, all cells from the same row of column as any shape from your selection will be highlighted in a specific color (by default, a light grey). Click "Pointer" again on the ribbon to deactivate it.

  • The Pointer makes it easy to read cells of the same row or column in a range, since they will be highlighted.
  • It also makes it simpler to align cells, titles and other objects in your spreadsheet.
  • You can also use it to easily spot merged cells, although the Merged Cells Manager would be more appropriate for a systematic search of merged cells.

Power-user add-in l Excel Pointer highlighting rows and columns

The Pointer's highlight color can be customized in the Power-user Settings.

Due to Excel behavior, any code running on the workbook will clear the undo stack. Because the Pointer runs a bit of code every time the selection changes, it means that when the Pointer is active there is basically no possibility to undo changes in Excel. For this reason, we recommend you use it cautiously and only when needed.

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