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Power-user lets you insert Excel templates from the Library. This platform also allows you to integrate your own Excel templates.


How to insert Excel templates from the Library

  • From the Power-user tab in Excel, click Library and then Templates.  
  • Browse for templates and simply click one to insert it.

Facing problems with the Library? Here are the 2 most frequent issues:
The templates / icons / maps are not downloading in the Library
The mouse cursor is flickering in the right pane

Power-user Library l Covid dashboard Excel template

There are various templates such as Excel dashboards, to-do lists, holiday planning, risk analysis, project portfolio, Gantt charts, etc. 

Power-user Library l Dashboard Excel template

Customizing the Library 

Integrate templates at an individual level with Configure

As a user, you can add Excel spreadsheets as templates in the Library. Click Configure in the Sources drop-down, and link to an existing file. It will be automatically added as a link to the Library. This means when the file gets updated, the update will be automatically reflected in the Library.

To show a preview of your file in the Library, Power-user will automatically take a screenshot of the first sheet. If you want to customize the preview, you can manually take your own screenshot of the file, and save it as a .png in the same folder and under the same name as the file.

Integrate templates at company level

The Library can be customized to integrate your organization's own templates, such as financial statements, project portfolio, key dashboards or financial models. This is a great solution to ensure that users have access to useful and up-to-date content. 

  • These templates can be set up centrally by your Power-user administrator from your organization. 
  • The administrator can also push updates to the users when needed, securing that every user has access to the correct, up-to-date version of the spreadsheet.
  • Users can be divided into different teams, each team having access to their own templates.

Read more about this here: Integrating your assets in the Library

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