When an error occurs in Power-user, you can look at the following to diagnose the error:  

Checking the Power-user logs

When you perform some actions with Power-user, some data is temporarily stored on your computer until the next session. If you experience an error with Power-user, the log file can provide some useful information for us to understand the cause of the issue. 

  • Go to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp\Power-user
  • Send us the log file for the relevant application

Note: If you can't file the "AppData" folder, click the "View" tab in Windows, and check the box to show "Hidden items". 


Checking Windows logs

  • Go to the computer's Control Panel
  • Choose "System and Security" and then "Administrative Tools". A window will open where you should click "Event Viewer"
  • In the Event Viewer, open "Windows Logs" from the left, and go to "Application folder"
Windows event viewer
  • Look for recent entries with "Error" in the "Level" column
  • Click to open the details of the log entry and try to find the error message.
  • Open a support ticket with us, and provide the logs, together with the steps you have taken so far