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With Power-user you can browse and insert PowerPoint templates directly into your presentation. This is one of the most popular features of the add-in, as it helps any user craft outstanding presentations with slides that look as made by a professional design agency.


How to insert templates from the Library

Inserting a template

  • From the Power-user tab, click Library. The Library pane will open at the right of your screen. If it's the first time you are using it, or if there are new content updates available, you may see it loading for a moment.
  • Search for templates using the search bar on top, the scrollbar or the Categories. For instance, you can select the Boxes x04 category to filter only PowerPoint templates with 4 items on the slide.
  • Simply click a template to insert it in the presentation.

Facing an issue with the Library? Here are the 2 most frequent issues:
The templates / icons / maps are not downloading in the Library
The mouse cursor is flickering in the right pane

Defining the insertion format

Templates can be inserted either keeping source formatting or using the destination theme. Set up your prefered behavior from the dedicated button in the pane:

Power-user l Templates Library l Keep source formatting or use destination theme

All Power-user templates are designed with theme colors and theme fonts. This means that when using the destination theme, templates will automatically be converted to the colors and fonts of your current presentation.

Defining the insertion layout

When inserting a template using the destination theme, Power-user will by default apply the layout of the previous slide in the deck.

You can also set up a specific layout to be used for templates upon insertion. For this, just right-click a slide with the desired layout, and click Set as Template layout.

Filtering and sorting templates

Click the Sort button to change how the templates are sorted. By default, they are sorted alphabetically by Description (i.e. slide title), but you can also sort by Category, number of Items, Background color, etc or any custom field set up by your organization. You can always sort Ascending or Descending

Power-user Library l Applying custom filters

Filtering and sorting templates require a customization of the templates to include metadata. This is possible for the Power-user templates or for templates customized at an organization level, however such custom filters and sorting is not possible for My templates or self-configured templates. 

Sources of templates

The Library can include many sources of Templates. You can switch between them from the Sources drop-down list: 

Power-user Library l sources of Templates

Power-user templates

Power-user gives you access to over 700 PowerPoint templates, immediately available to design presentations quickly. We update the Library periodically with additional templates.

Power-user l Templates Library

Customization of the Power-user templates

By default, templates are provided in a neutral version. But they can be customized to match your organization's branding. 

When they templates are customized, they follow your organization's colors, layouts, title and logo position, providing users with a highly unified, on-brand experience. 

Power-user l Customization of the PowerPoint templates Library

Contact us if you would like to inquire about getting a custom version of our templates to match your branding. 

My templates

This is your own individual collection of templates. You can save here your favorite or most frequently used slides, and access them anytime later.

  • To add a slide to My templates, just right-click it and choose Save in My templates.
  • Find it and insert it from the Library by selecting My templates under Sources.

Power-user l Save Templates in Library

The slides you save in My templates are saved locally on your computer. You can find them in Documents\Power-user\Templates\My templates, which can be useful if you want to migrate them to a different computer for instance.


Instead of adding slides individually, you can click Configure in the Sources drop-down, and link to an existing file. The entire file will be automatically added as a link to the Library. This means when the file gets updated, the update will be automatically reflected in the Library. This can be very useful especially if you are working collaboratively with files saved on a shared location.  

Power-user l Configure Templates

My company templates

The Library can be customized to integrate your organization's own resources. For instance, it can integrate your official corporate presentation, the CVs of your team, key figures, training support material, etc.

This is a great solution to ensure that users have access to useful and up-to-date content. 

  • These templates can be set up centrally by your Power-user administrator from your organization. 
  • The administrator can also push updates to the users when needed, securing that every user has access to the correct, up-to-date version of each slide.
  • Users can be divided into different teams, each team having access to their own templates.
  • With our help, the admin can also set up custom fields to allow users to easily filter and sort the templates as if it were a mini knowledge management system for slides.

Read more about this here: Integrating your assets in the Library


The Library opens directly on your favorite source of templates, so that you can immediately start looking for the templates you need.

To define your favorite source, click the yellow Favorite star in the Sources drop-down list.  

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