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The Power-user Library comes with over 7,000 icons so you can easily illustrate your slides.


Power-user Library l Icons in Line theme

How to insert icons from the Library

Insertion o an icon

  • From the Power-user tab, click Library. The Library pane will open at the right of your screen. If it's the first time you are using it, or if there are new content updates available, you may see it loading for a moment.
  • Search for icons using the search bar on top, the scrollbar or the Categories. Each icon is linked to a number of tags that can be used to filter the Library efficiently.
  • Simply click an icon to insert it on your current slide.

Facing problems with the Library? Here are the 2 most frequent issues:
The templates / icons / maps are not downloading in the Library
The mouse cursor is flickering in the right pane

Insertion format

The icons you can insert from the Power-user Library have the following features and behavior:

  • All icons are vectors: this means you can resize an icon without it suffering from any loss of quality or pixellisation.
  • They are PowerPoint shapes, not pictures, so you can edit them and recolor them to match your brand colors exactly.
  • By default, monochrome icons are inserted in the main color from your current presentation's theme (Accent1 color), so that they match your brand colors automatically. You can change the default insertion color from the Library pane.

Applying pre-defined styles

After inserting an icon, you can easily apply one of the pre-defined styles shown below. To change the style of an icon, just right-click and hit "Icon styles": 

Power-user Library l Icons pre-defined styles

Sources and themes of icons

The Library includes multiple sources of icons, organized in consistent visual themes. You can switch between them from the Sources drop-down list: 

Power-user Library l Icons themes

Icons themes provided by Power-user 

Power-user comes with over 7,000 icons organized in different themes, as shown below:

Power-user Library l Icons themes

Downloading optional icon themes

On top of the main icon themes, you can download an optional set of icons. Click the Settings button located at the very left of the Power-user ribbon (with a blue cog icon), then click the download icon next to Optional libraries. Select Modern Theme and validate. 

The optional icons will show up as a separate Source in the Library task pane.

Integrating custom icons at an individual level

Each individual user can easily integrate additional Sources of icons in the Library. Select Configure in the Sources drop-down list. Hit the green "+" sign, and browse to select the folder on your computer or network containing your icons. 

Power-user Libary l Configure custom icons

All the icons from that folder will be automatically added to the Library. To organize them in Categories, organize your pictures in sub-folders.

This self-service customization can only work for icons in a picture format .png or .jpg format, and the search bar will only look through the file names (compared to the Power-user icons which contain many tags to facilitate searches).  

Integrating custom corporate icons at a team or organization level

The Library can be customized to integrate your organization's own icons. This can make sense if your organization has invested in a specific set of icons supporting its brand or illustrating the specificities of its industry. 

When icons are integrated at an organization level, we can link them to metadata allowing to tag and search icons easily, just like for the Power-user icons.

Read more about this here: Integrating your assets in the Library


The Library opens directly on your favorite theme, so that you can immediately start inserting your favorite icons.

To define your favorite theme, click the yellow Favorite star in the Sources drop-down list.

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