Learning journey

When placing a powerful tool in the hands of your teams, it is essential to provide them with the relevant training so they can make the most out of Power-user. 

For this, we suggest a learning journey built to below. Keep in mind that we can easily customize the training program to fit your organization's needs, so don't hesistate to let us know your wishes.


Training sessions are usually held through Zoom or your own visioconference application, and are exclusive to participants from your own organization.

Agenda for the kick-off trainings (1h)

1) Overview of PU's features (5 min)

2) Focus on the main features (40min):

  • The library (Templates/Icons/Pictures/Maps)
  • PU for Excel (Charts/Format)
  • Diagrams
  • Shape tools
  • Clean feature
  • Agenda
  • Pipette
  • Team working features 

3) Q&A (10 min)

4) Going further - helpbox (5 min) 

Agenda for the "build expertise" session (1h)


1) Focus on advanced features for PowerPoint (25 min):

  • The library (customizations)
  • Agenda (advanced)
  • Advanced uses of Pipette
  • Replace colors
  • Tab explorer
  • Excel-PPT link

2) Focus on advanced features for Excel (20 min):

  • Advanced functions (CAGR, Weighted Average, Sumcolor…)
  • Merged cells manager
  • Unpivot tables

3) Q&A (15 min)