Rolling-out Power-user

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As an admin, you have 4 options to deliver licenses to the end-users.

Pick-up the roll-out solution of your choice

Send a manual email to the users

The simplest way to deliver licenses is usually to send an email to the users, with everything they need to install on their own.

 Just follow the procedure below:

  1. Prepare an email to the end-users. You can use wording from the template attached to this article, which you are free to customize.
  2. Fill the table with your license keys and the user emails, so that each user has 1 license key.
  3. Paste the user emails as recipients of your email. We recommend using the cci field for recipients, and adding the email of your Power-user Account Manager in cc field in case users need support.

Let Power-user email the users automatically

Alternatively, you may want Power-user to just email the users for you with their installation instructions. This is something you can do directly by selecting licenses from your admin portal

See more information here.

Rolling-out centrally with Intune or by script

Power-user offers an .msi file, allowing your IT admin to roll out licenses centrally to users within your organization. 

  • This option is best if you have many users, as it will save each user the need to install and activate the license on their own.
  • It also ensures that all licenses get activated, compared to an email delivery where some users may just ignore the email with their license key.
  • On the other hand, it implies involving the IT department which may add unecessary complexity for small teams.

The deployment can be made either:

Allow licenses to automatically activate for your domain

We can enable any user with your organization's domain to have access to Power-user based on their email domain. 

This is the easiest solution for license management from the admin perspective, but is only suited if all users from the domain are eligible to have a Power-user license.

Contact us if you want to explore this option for your organization. 

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