Copy-paste visible cells only

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Copying and pasting cells in a filtered range is a painful Excel process that Power-user can easily solve.   


Power-user l Copy-paste visible cells only

The issue with filtered ranges in Excel

Altough we can copy filtered data without issue, Excel doesn't allow us to easily paste into filtered data.

Counterintuitively, the data gets pasted into cells that have been filtered out, as you can see below:

Pasting into filtered range in Excel

Because of this, we usually have to find complex workarounds to paste data from one column to another when there are active filters. For instance, a manual solution would be to:

  • Add an extra column
  • Add an X letter in all visible cells in that column
  • Removing the filters
  • Sorting data alphabetically in the extra column
  • Copying and pasting the desired data (now that filters are removed and that the cells are adjacent)
  • Removing the extra column
  • Reapplying the filters

As you can see, this is a long process which can be quite annoying, especially if you have many filters that you will need to re-apply at the end.

Using Power-user's copy-paste visible cells only

Using Power-user, you can instantly resolve the above issue:

  • From the Power-user ribbon in Excel, click Copy-paste visible cells only
  • A first dialog box opens: select the range to copy
  • A second dialog box opens: select the range on which to paste. That's it!

Power-user l Copy-paste visible cells only

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