Power-user is a productivity add-in that empowers users of PowerPoint, Excel and Word. 

Power-user will help users:

  • Deliver high-quality documents and presentations
  • Streamline communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Work 50% faster on Microsoft Office

To achieve that, Power-user offers an arsenal of powerful tools to prepare, design and format documents:

  • Make presentations rock: leverage thousands of templates, icons, maps, diagrams and advanced charts directly within PowerPoint to make your presentations look fantastic
  • Don't waste any more time in formatting: update colors, fonts, languages, charts or title alignment, create and update all your agenda pages automatically, and other tools to ensure consistency of your deck
  • Easily manipulate shapes: position them symmetrically, give them the same height or width, swap them, stack them, etc. in just 1 click 
  • Leverage advanced functions and tools in Excel: clean your spreadsheet and formula, build new advanced charts like Mekko and Sankey, use powerful functions like Sum_color, CAGR or Weighted_Average, etc.