Get up and running with Power-user in just 1min, and unlock dozens of new features for PowerPoint, Excel & Word!

Just follow the steps below.


Install Power-user

Step1: Download 

Click the following link to download Power-user on your computer. You will see the Power-user.exe setup downloading.

Step2: Install

Click the Power-user.exe setup to launch the installation.

Click "Next" and follow the required steps of the installation wizard.

Activate a license

Once the installation is complete, (re)launch PowerPoint, Excel or Word. You should notice that a new Power-user tab is visible in the application:

The following popup will prompt you to activate a license. 

Enter your email, confirm it a second time, and then click "Activate".

Activate a Premium key [Optional]

If you have received or purchased a Premium license key, you will need to insert it in the next screen: 

Activating a license key will enable you to retain access to Premium features beyond the trial period, while 

giving you access to all the customizations and integrations set up by your organization, such as corporate Templates, Icons, Pictures, Maps or Tombstones.

Congratulations, the license is now active!

Download the libraries [Automatically]

Power-user comes with a unique set of visual assets for PowerPoint, Excel & Word:

  • Templates
  • Icons
  • Pictures
  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Tombstones

To make these assets available even when you are working offline, these libraries will be downloaded on your computer. 

When you click the "Library" feature from the ribbon for the 1st time, you will see the libraries automatically downloading. 


Most common issues

The Power-user.exe setup doesn't want to run
The Power-user tab is not visible on the ribbon
The license cannot be activated
The templates / icons / maps are not downloading
Check compatibility requirements