This article covers the License Management for administrators of an organization with a Premium Entreprise license.

Entreprise licenses of Power-user come with an administration portal which allows you to manage your licenses.

To connect to the portal, just click this link, and enter the login and password for your organization.

From the portal, you will have a full view on your licenses, with the following information:

  • Status of the license (Available, In Use or Expired)
  • Email of the user
  • License key
  • Validity date of the license
  • Creation date
  • Activation date
  • Version of Power-user
  • Current Team of the user

In particular, you can see for any license if it is being used, assign it to a user, or reset the license to reuse it on a different computer.

You can also assign each user to a Team, so that they have access to different templates and resources.

Power-user l License management portal

If your organization has chosen a usage-based subscription, you will also have the ability to add additional licenses directly to the portal.