After deploying Power-user in their organization, most of our clients want to communicate about it.

Communicating about the deployment brings multiple benefits for the organization:

  • It ensures a larger adoption from the users
  • It improves the user experience by facilitating access to the information they need
  • It promotes (internally or externally) the organization's initiative to equip employees with modern tools enhancing their productivity
  • It strengthens the employer's brand

To facilitate your communication effort, you are free to download and use the Communication kit below. It contains

  • "Power-user l Introduction.pptx": feel free to reuse the content of this presentation to give an introduction about Power-user and our services to your organization.
  • "Power-user l Useful links.pdf": save this PDF file in the shared drive of your organization so that people can easily find some information about what is Power-user, how to install it and where to get the support they need.
  • "Social media": here you can find some inspiration of possible posts to communicate about the acquisition of Power-user licenses on Twitter or Linkedin.
  • "Intranet page" : use this draft to make a dediacted page about Power-user on your Intranet, where people in your organization can find information about the product, installation instructions and useful links.
  • "Illustrations": this folder contains a number of pictures you are free to use to communicate about Power-user internally or externally.