The mouse cursor is flickering in the right pane

Modified on Wed, 18 May 2022 at 06:29 PM

In some cases, the cursor of the mouse is flickering, making it difficult to click anything in panes like the Library, Agenda or Clean.

This is unfortunately an issue from a Windows component, so it means we cannot fix it ourselves. 

This issue can happen in the following set up:

  • the user is using 2 screens (the computer screen and an external monitor for instance),
  • the screens are in Extend mode,
  • PowerPoint is opened on the secondary screen, not the main one. 

Often, PowerPoint have been opened before connecting to the second screen, and the issue itself is related to an issue with the resolution to apply in this set up.


Simply move the PowerPoint window to the main display instead of the current secondary display.


Go to File\Options, and select "Optimize for compatibility (application restart required)", as shown below:


  1. Right-click the Desktop and go to "Display settings"
  2. Select the external monitor, and check "Make this my main display", like shown below:

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