The Library is not downloading or inserting items correctly

Modified on Sat, 10 Jun 2023 at 11:02 PM

The Library contains a wide range of visual assets, such as templates, icons, maps and tombstones. 

These assets are not downloaded at the same time as the main setup, but separately and only:

  • When the Library is opened the first time
  • When there is an update that affects these assets specifically

This approach is designed to allow smooth updates of the software, by removing the need to re-download the entire content of the Library for every new version of the software.


Downloading the content of the Library

  • When you open the Library the first time, you should see a download box similar to the one below:

Power-user l Library downloading

  • Just wait for the download to complete. It should not take longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Once the download is complete, reopen the Library, and the content should be visible.
  • If you closed the download box before the end, just restart the application and open the Library again. The downloading should resume.

If the download box is missing

Sometimes, it can happen that the Library appears to be empty, and the download box does not show. 

The most probable reason for this is that Power-user is not able to reach the server to download the content of the Library. In that case, try the actions below:

  • First make sure the computer is connected to the Internet, restart the application, and try again to open the Library.
  • If the download box is still not showing, there might be an issue from the proxy, firewall or antivirus preventing the access to our server:
    •  Switch your computer to a different Internet source (for instance, using your smartphone as hotspot). Restart the application, and try again to open the Library.
    • Try temporarily disabling the firewall and antivirus. Restart the application, and try again to open the Library (don't forget to reactive your firewall and antivirus afterwards).
    • Request your IT to whitelist our domains and
  • Manually download the libraries:
    • Download the folder from this link.
    • Unzip the file, and paste the content in C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Power-user\Extensions\ 
    • Restart the application, and the assets should be visible in the Library.

Note: If you can't file the folder C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Power-user\Extensions\, it maybe because you have set up a different location for saving the libraries. From the Power-user ribbon, click the "Settings" button (blue cog at the very left of the ribbon), and look the path under "Save Power-user libraries in:"

If the download went fine but the content of the Library is not displaying or inserting correctly

If you are having trouble inserting items from the Library, or if the Library is not displaying previews correctly, you may try the following steps:

  • Go to C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Power-user\Extensions\ and delete all the existing .dll files
  • Reopen PowerPoint and the Library. The libraries should re-download.
  • If the error remains, try inserting and then press CTRL+V. Sometimes Power-user is denied access to the Paste command, but using the keyboard shortcut will still paste the content.

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