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One of the key benefits of Power-user is the add-in's optimized ribbon. Normally, PowerPoint users spend a lot of time navigating between the different PowerPoint tabs: Insert, Format, Home, etc. For almost every action to do in PowerPoint, there is a click to go to the appropriate tab.

With Power-user, all the PowerPoint features that professionals need the most have been gathered on the unique Power-user tab. And they have all been made accessible in just 1 click. This means that you will cut by at least 50% the number of clicks needed for every single action you do in PowerPoint.


Font group

Standard font buttons

The Font group contains all the standard features you need in order to work with text:

  • Choose a font 
  • Change the size of the font
  • Align text within shapes (left, right, center or justify)
  • Add bullets or numbers
  • Change indent level
  • Change line spacing
  • Change orientation or text anchor within the shape

Text & Shapes 

In addition to these standard buttons from PowerPoint, 4 additional buttons help you work with shapes:

Power-user l Text and shapes features on the ribbon

Power-user l Text and shapes

Color group

The Color group contains all the features you need to edit colors:

  • Font color
  • Fill color
  • Shape outline color

Alignment group

The Alignment group contains many handy features for aligning and organizing shapes on your slides. They can all be accessed in just 1 click from the ribbon.

Aligning shapes

Align shapes left, right, top, bottom, middle or center.

Power-user l Shapes alignment

Adjusting spacing between shapes

These buttons allows you to distribute shapes, or increase / decrease the spacing between shapes, while keeping them distributed:

  • Distribute shapes horizontally or vertically
  • Increase or decrease vertical spacing
  • Increase or decrease horizontal spacing

Power-user l Spacing adjustment

Positioning shapes symmetrically

Symmetry is key to make a slide appealing, yet it can be painful to place objects symmetrically on a slide. The Power-user Symmetry buttons will do just that for you.

Power-user l Symmetry

Swap positions

Very often in PowerPoint, we need to make a swap between 2 shapes. You can now use the Swap shapes position button to do that instantly:

Power-user l Swap shapes positions 

There are also several options for swapping under the same menu:

  • Swap shapes position, based on the top left corner, the top left corner, the top center or the middle center. 
  • Swap only the text between the 2 shapes.
  • Swap animations between the 2 shapes.

Power-user l Swap positions menu

Swap positions in Excel
A similar feature exists in Excel for swapping the positions of cells, ranges, charts, etc. See Swap positions.

Stack shapes

Stack shapes instantly, so that the left side of a shape touches the right side of another. You can stack shapes left, top, right or bottom.

Power-user l Stack shapes

Organize group

Standard buttons 

The Organize group contains the following highly-used PowerPoint buttons:

  • Group shapes
  • Ungroup shapes
  • Bring to front
  • Send to back
  • Rotate

Straighten lines

Lines and arrows can look dirty when they are not exactly straight. With this feature, any line select will adjust to be perfectly vertical / horizontal automatically.

Power-user l Stack shapes

Organize shapes

Very frequently, we have to organize shapes in a table with X rows and Y columns. With the Organize feature, you can select a group of shapes and automatically position them in rows and columns to form a table. 

Power-user l Organize shapes in rows and columns 

  • Select existing shapes (if not, Power-user will automatically create rectangle shapes for you)
  • Click the "Organize" button on the ribbon, and the below dialog box will open
  • Define the number of rows and columns you want and validate 

Power-user l Organize shapes dialog box

The Organize feature includes a number of options to give you more flexibilty

  • Adjust the spacing between your shapes
  • Turn "Fix group size" ON or OFF:
    • ON: the size of the group of shapes is fixed, and adding more rows or columns will resize the existing shapes to fit inside that space. 
    • OFF: the size of the shapes is fixed, and additional rows / columns will be added to the bottom / right of the existing shapes.
  • Turn "Allow incomplete rows" if Power-user should complete the table for you. For instance, if you have 11 shapes selected and choose to organize them in 3 rows and 4 columns, Power-user will add 1 shape to have exactly 12 shapes (3x4) instead of keeping the last position empty. 
  • Use the "Size & Position" sliders to define where the shapes should be positioned, and to define the area where the group of shapes should fit (only if "Fix group size" is ON).

Additionally, a minimized version of the Organize feature can be used dynamically when you select a group of similar shapes. This allows you to quickly transform any matrix you have by adding or removing rows and columns.

Power-user l Organize shapes in rows and columns

If you want to disable the dynamic menu to organize shapes, you can do this from the Power-user Settings.

Combine shapes

Combine shapes to create new and unique types of shapes matching your needs.

Power-user l Combine shapes

We can also merge and unmerge shapes: 

  • Split: for every paragraph, it will create a shape with the text of the paragraph in it.
  • Merge: this will merge multiple shapes into one concatenating the text of each ot the initial shapes.

Power-user l Merge and split shapes

Select similar shapes

Selecting objects can sometimes be fastidious. With this feature, automatically select similar objects based on their color, size, font... All the objects with the same criteria as the selected object will be selected.

Power-user l Select similar shapes

Size group

Resize shape easily with the buttons from the Size group. 

  • Select a shape of reference, then add any number of shapes to your selection and click Same Height, Same Width or Same Size.
  • Press the Lock button to lock or unlock the shape aspect ratio.

Power-user l Set same height or same width

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