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Oftentimes in PowerPoint, we may need to show that presentations are in DRAFT mode, or CONFIDENTIAL, or FOR INTERNAL USE, or other custom information. For this, Stamps are very useful as they can easily add this information in the entire presentation, instead of manually pasting this kind of information on each and every slide.

Power-user l Stamps


Adding a pre-defined stamp to the presentation

  • From the Power-user tab in PowerPoint, click Stamps and Progress Tools. The below window opens:

Power-user l Stamps window

  • In the Create Stamp from drop-down menu, select the stamp you want to add. For instance, Draft, Confidential, For internal use only, etc. 
  • Under Position preview, use the top and left sliders to position the red rectangle that represents how the stamps will be positioned on your slide. This way you can customize the exact position for your stamps.
  • Define the scope of slides on which to add the stamps. 
  • Check Insert on master slides if you want the stamps to be added in the slide master (so that they cannot be clicked while working on the slides). On the contrary, uncheck it if you prefer to have the stamps added directly on the slides themselves.
  • Click OK to finalize the insertion.

Using custom text in the stamps

Instead of using one of the pre-defined stamps, you can also easily add custom stamps with your own text. For this, type any text in the Create Stamp from textbox from the window shown above. This text will be used in the stamps, while keeping the same overall aspect as the pre-defined stamps. 

Using a custom shape with Pick from selection

You may want to get the same behavior as stamps but using custom shapes instead of the Power-user stamps. This would mean basically pasting a selected shape or picture onto all the slides in the presentation (or a subset of slides).

This is something you can also do. For this, select Pick from selection in the Stamps window. Power-user will let you customize the position using the preview, define the scope of slides on which to apply, and choose to insert in the master or on the slides.

Removing stamps from the presentation

When some stamps have been inserted in your presentation, the Stamps window will display a Remove stamps option. Select it, and then choose the stamp to remove from the drop-down list (if several stamps have been inserted). 

Then validate and the stamps will be removed centrally.

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