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Modified on Thu, 22 Sep, 2022 at 3:45 PM

The Tab Explorer is a solution for navigating open files easily using tabs. 

Power-user l Tab Explorer


Switching between files using the Tab Explorer

To activate the Tab Explorer, click the toggle button at the very right of the Power-user ribbon. It will open the task pane above the slide, just under the ribbon. The Tab Explorer lists all open files and folders from PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook or Windows explorer.

Using the applications icons on the left of the Tab Explorer, you can choose to hide or show the files for each application: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook or Windows folders.

Click a file name to switch to that specific file. This can be sometimes more convenient and faster than using the Windows task bar for going to another file, because you don't need to hover over the application name in the task bar and then choose the corresponding file, you can activate it directly. Also, the Tab Explorer will display the full name of the file, so it can be easier sometimes to activate the file that you want, especially when the file name is long and gets truncated in Windows.

Saving, renaming and selecting files and folders with the Tab Explorer

Click the Save button at the very right of the Explorer to Save all files in just 1 click, instead of having to save them one by one.

Right-click a file name to access additional options:

  • Open the folder containing the selected file.
  • Rename the selected file directly, without having to close it first.

Power-user l Tab Explorer

Tab Explorer Settings

You can save your preferences regarding the Tab Explorer from the Power-user Settings:

  • Open Tab Explorer at startup: when this is checked, PowerPoint will always open with the Tab Explorer active.
  • In Tab Explorer, use one line per application: when this is checked, all windows listed in the Tab Explorer will be displayed application by application, with a line break for each application.

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