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It is very common in Excel to have to format cells numbers. For instance, you may want to show values in millions instead of units, without changing the original values or adding thousand multipliers or dividers here and there.

With Power-user's Format numbers feature, you can easily apply some of the most frequently needed formats to your cells. They will be just formatted as you wish, while retaining the original values in the cells.

To apply one of these formats, click the Power-user ribbon in Excel and then choose the corresponding menu.


Format numbers

The following quick formats are available for numbers:

  • Format as numbers (e.g. 1)
  • Format as thousands (e.g. 1 K) 
  • Format as millions (e.g. 1 M)
  • Format as billions (e.g. 1 Bn)
  • Format as percentage points (e.g. 1 pp)
  • Format as percentage base points (.g. 1 bp)

Format currencies

The following quick formats are available for numbers:

  • Format as € (e.g. 1 €)
  • Format as thousands € (e.g. 1 K€) 
  • Format as millions (e.g. 1 M€)
  • Format as billions (e.g. 1 Bn€)

The examples above are in EUR, but Power-user will actually apply your default local currency.

Format dates

The following quick formats are available for dates:

  • Format as YYYY/MM/DD
  • Format as DD/MM/YYYY 
  • Format as MM/DD/YYYY
  • Format as long date (e.g. Monday, January 1st 2022)

Power-user l Format numbers

Adding custom cell formats

Aside from the above formats provided, organizations can define custom cell formats for all their users. Not only they can have their own numbering or currency formats, but they can also define cell formats for inputs, calculations, outputs, etc. which can be very useful to ensure all Excel users speak the same language and can more easily audit one another's Excel models.

To set up custom cell formats, see Configuring Master Templates for your organization.

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