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With Power-user you can easily clean all your slides to make your PowerPoint presentations flawless before sharing them. The Cleaner combines powerful tools to:

  • Detect when multiple or inconsistent fonts are coexisting in your presentation, and convert them all to a single font,
  • Automatically remove double words, double blanks, empty placeholders, as well as unwanted effects or animations,
  • Detect missing page numbers or footers, and fix them in 1 click,
  • Preserve confidentiality by removing notes, comments, Alt text, document properties and personal information,
  • Significantly reduce file size by deleting unused layout slides, removing off-slide content, compressing pictures or removing cropped areas, exporting hidden content in a separate file.

This menu is a kind of checklist that you should go through to be safe before sending a presentation.

Note: this video was made with an old interface and does not represent the current UI of this feature.



Power-user l Clean menu 

Clean text errors

Inconsistent fonts

  • This will detect and list fonts that are not in the PowerPoint presentation's theme font.
  • You can see how many shapes exist for each font, and navigate through each of them using the arrow buttons.
  • You can convert each shape into the theme font one by one, or all at once.
  • From there, you can also change the theme font, or replace one font by another which does not necessarily have to be the theme font.

Power-user l Clean inconsistent fonts

Double words / blanks

  • Use the left/right arrows to navigate in the presentation and find all double words / double blanks in the document.
  • When a double word / blank is selected, you can remove it by clicking the Delete button from the right.
  • You can also click the arrow menu next to the Delete button, and choose Delete All instead.  

Other features

  • Remove empty placeholders: this will clean the placeholders which are typically created when you change or reset the layout of some slides.
  • Remove 3D and other effects: keep your slides professional by removing effects like 3D, bevels, shadows, reflections, glows, ... 
  • Check Spelling: launches the spelling checker to review spelling across your presentation.

Clean slides content 

Slides numbers & footers

  • Use the left/right arrows to navigate in the presentation and find missing slides page numbers or missing footers.
  • Or on the contrary, remove all page numbers or footers, for instance if you want to reapply from scratch.

Update the Agenda

Make sure your presentation's Agenda is up to date. Click this button to update all agenda pages in the presentation. See more about this in this article dedicated to the Agenda feature.

Accessibility checker

Check how your slides do in terms of inclusivity, by checking if they follow accessibility best practices. 

Check for hidden confidential information

Make sure you are not forgetting any confidential information in the file, which could be hidden in:

  • Slide notes (below your slides),
  • Comments,
  • Pictures Alt Text, which by default PowerPoint adds automatically,
  • Document properties. For instance, most of the time presentations show a File Author who is someone with nothing to do to the current presentation. Also, PDF documents often show a file name on top, which is not the real file name, but something that was part of the Document Properties.
  • Sticky notes,
  • Fully or partially off-slide content,
  • Strikethrough text, maybe used by a colleague to review the file.

Optimize the size of your file

Hidden slides and unused layouts

  • Easily export one or all Hidden slides into a separate presentation. When you click Export, a dialog box will open where you can choose the folder where the export should be saved. This way you do not loose those slides, even if you don't want to send them.
  • Delete Unused layouts to clean the master from any layout that is not actively used by a slide in the presentation. Very often presentations contain dozens, hundreds or even thousands of layouts because they were automatically added to the presentation every time a slide from another deck was pasted into the presentation. This feature can help you considerably reduce the size of your files.


  • Select a picture, and click Optimize to open the below window from PowerPoint:Power-user l Compress pictures
  • Unselect Apply only to this picture if you would like to optimize not just the currently selected picture, but all pictures in the presentation.
  • Select Delete cropped areas of pictures to remove cropped areas, which are not longer needed but can take some file size while PowerPoint keeps them in memory. 
  • Select the resolution you would like to apply for compressing pictures, and click OK to validate.

Manage animations and transitions

Depending on the context of your presentation, animations and transitions can be useful or can be viewed as unprofessional, old-school effects. This is why you can use this clean menu to remove them if you want:

  • Easily remove objects animations from the presentation. Click Delete to remove one, or Delete All to remove any animation from the current presentation.
  • Easily remove slide transitions from the presentation. Click Delete to remove one, or Delete All to remove any animation from the current presentation.

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